iOneHR System

iOneHR system is a Fully Web Based Human Resource & Payroll Management System. Design with its unique custom framework, it allows the system to cater from a very Basic Start-up requirement to a Very Comprehensive Corporate needs. When company grow from basic HR Processing to comprehensive requirement, iOneHR system can be add and grow to an advance HR system equip with web enable comprehensive Human Resource Portal.

Design in Single Solution Platform, all modules is fully integrated with Employee Master, Payroll, Attendance, Claim, Performance, Training etc. all master data share & update in real time within the system. Fully seamless Payroll processing for multiple companies & multiple HR users access environment.

Comprehensive Features With Best Industry Practice

The Advantages of IOneHR

  • Consolidation of HR Information system in one single data centre
  • Real time & consolidate data from multi state offices/Outlet
  • Allow borderless accessibility of staff information
  • Centralized data centre for complete monitoring with full control of retrieving information for immediate management decision making
  • Eliminated extra cost for software licensing
  • No extra cost when opening or add more remote branches within the same organization
  • Unlimited User Creation & log in provide an opportunity for more self-independency in information & work load sharing within the organization
  • Real time Business Intelligent Report for:
    – Consolidation of Organization Data
    – Complete & real time On-Line Management Reports
    – Intelligent Analysis Report & Chart (Link Business Intelligence Tools)
    – Real time checking of duplicate employees data (blacklist)
  • Internet E-Leave application module
  • Internet E-Claims application module
  • Manage employees self-service own Hr, Leave, Claims, AMS, Appraisal/KIP, Training Application
  • Allow employees self-service to view on company policy, rules and regulations
  • Allow employees self-service to view own leave history and available balance
  • User definable approval process Workflow
  • Email Notification Employee, Admin User & Approval of approval/application status electronically
  • Allow employees self-service to view /query their benefits/claims entitlement and total utilization to-date through their own workstation
  • Ability to allow employees self-service to view to print pay slip, EA, etc.
  • Allow employees self-service to view to initiate changes on their personal details through apply workflow:
    – Employee Personal Detail particulars
    – Employee Family particular
    – Contact no.
    – Marital status changes
    – Others
  • Allow manager to view their subordinates personal detail, payslip, work records, leave balances & etc.
  • While approving the leave application apply by subordinates, the approving officer can view Leave Taken Calendar Listing which shows other employee’s leave details apply on the same day. It helps the approving officer to Approve/Reject the leave application for the same date application.
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iOneHR Core & Advance* HRM system consists of the following modules

Click on each of the modules to find out more information and detailed features and functions.

E-Human Resource Information Management

E-Payroll Management

E-Leave Management

E-Claim Management

E-Attendance Management

E-Employee Self Service

Advanced HRM

Comprehensive Features With Best Industry Practice
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