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About Imaginix One HR

Comprehensive, Reliable & Secure Cloud Human Resource Management Software.

Comprehensive Features With Best Industry Practice

Comprehensive Features with Best Industry Practice

Built on the concept of Fully Integrated Platform, ready-made environment, Proven Industries Best Practice with customizable option. ONE HR give you the complete & fully integrated HR Platform to grow with your business needs and given the opportunities. It may indeed exceed your expectation.

Stable Software with Reliable after Sales Support

Imaginix One Hr Sdn. Bhd. has been offering both On-Site and Cloud HR Software to all sizes of industries since year 2006.
Over the years, we understand the ever changing and demanding trend in the HR industries.
We are here to provide the best after sales support the industries have to offer.
We offer HR on Cloud, Dedicated or Shared, we can even customize according to the user need. On-site, own, hosted or by contract, we have all you need.

Stable Software
Secure Cloud Environment

Secure Cloud Environment with World Class Recovery Procedure

Staging with one of the Best Cloud Service Provider in Malaysia. We offer the most Secure HR on Cloud, Dedicated or Shared instances. We can even customize according to you need.

System Introduction

iOneHR, a Malaysian developed Fully Web-Based HRMS systems base on a Scalable technology with A SINGLE TECHNOLOGY PLATFORM concept. It is more than just a fully integrated HR platform, iOneHR also the 1st Malaysia made HR solutions to successfully launch its Cloud Base Human Resource in SaaS (Software as a Service) platform.

Designed with our unique framework, it’s allowed our system to perform HR processes for company with a very basic requirement to very comprehensive corporate needs. With the maturity of our system & services, iOneHR shall provide you the performance, flexibility and ability to run your HR processes the way you want and in a stable environment with the capability to grow with your requirements well into the future.

Built On Technology

iOneHR system developed on Microsoft technologies from the front-end application to the back end database in order to create an advance, stable, reliable and upgradeable system:
  • SaaS (Software as a Service)
  • Open-Standards-Based Application
  • Built with Industry Best Practice
  • Reliable Microsoft SQL Database – 24×7 a possibility
  • Fully Integrated and 64-bit Real Time Processing
  • Thin Client Server Architecture Scalable Technologies
  • On-Line Real-Time Approach
  • Web-Based- Virtual office and Cyber Office is a possibility
  • Built in Report Generator with ‘’Design-Your-Own-Report” feature

Built For Productivity

An advanced system does not mean much if it has been designed to be cumbersome and not user friendly. iOneHR system have been designed with input from implementers, consultants and more importantly, users themselves. This has result in a host of productive features being built into the core system to make it truly user friendly.
  • Built in Alert Management and Email Notification*
  • Internet / Cloud Ready*
  • Private Cloud Setup Ready*
  • Work Flow Process*

Investment Protected

Making an investment into an enterprise system is no easy tasks as there are numerous packages to choose from depending in your budget and needs. There are no concrete justification as to which is good and which is bad as each of the packages has its own strengths and performance level. Some are designed for performance while some are designed for flexibility.

While iOneHR system cannot claim to be the best in the market, it can surely be considered as one of the best value in packaging both performance as well as flexibility together. Why should performance be sacrificed over flexibility and vice-versa?

Ease of Use
Web-Based, can be accessed from Intranet or Internet (IE, Chrome or any open standard Browsers) from anywhere, anytime

Rich Functionality
On-par with world class system

Can be easily configured according to your business needs

Direct Support from Principal
Owns developed & source code

Robust & Reliable
Bet on Microsoft Technologies (Microsoft Windows and SQL Server)

Work Flow Engine with Business Rules
Build in workflow helps create a paperless environment

Research and Development Centric Company
New features and functions will be made available periodically and are available for download via Web. Your investment will never be out-dated

Fully Integrated to Financial System *
iOneHR system can be integrated to the Financial System to enable the posting of payroll transaction and status payments to company accounting system instead of user manually key in the transaction payroll records

Continuity Guaranteed
Arrangements for a set of source code to be held in trust with your appointed legal office can be made. (Conditions Apply)

We've got you covered with Complete HR Modules
to suit all levels of your HR system needs.

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Comprehensive Features With Best Industry Practice
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