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Imaginix E-HRM Suite is the first HR System in Malaysia built in a SINGLE PLATFORM TECHNOLOGY.

It designs with all the modules to suite to any size of HR industry requirements.

  • E-Payroll
  • E-Human Resource Information System
  • E-Leave
  • E-Claim
  • E-Medical
  • E-Time Management System
  • E-Employee Self Service
  • E-Piece Rate – Piece Rate Management System
  • E-Loan – Staff Loans Management System
  • E-Recruitment & Selection
  • E-Exit Interview
  • E-Productivity Link Wages System (PLWS)
  • E-Training Need Analysis
  • E-Training Management
  • E-Performance Appraisal
  • E-Performance Management
  • E-Manpower Planning And Budget
  • E-Career Development And Succession Planning
  • E-Job Competency
  • E-Organization Chart Management
  • E-Gratuity & Ex-Gratia – Retirement Benefits & Salary Increment
  • E-Group Insurance Benefits
  • E-Information Portal
  • E-Canteen / Meal Control Management
  • E-Feeder Bus Management
  • E-Security Management

Benefits of Imaginix E-Human Resource Management System:

  • Consolidation of HR Information system in one single data centre
  • Real time and consolidate data from multi state offices/Outlets
  • Allow borderless accessibility of staff information
  • Centralized data centre for complete monitoring with full control of retrieving information for immediate management decision making
  • Eliminated extra cost for software licensing
    (No extra cost when opening or add more remote branches within the organization)
  • Unlimited User Creation and log in provide an opportunity for more self independency in information and work load sharing within the organization
  • Real time Business Intelligent Report for;
    • Consolidation of Organization Data 
    • Complete and real time On-Line Management Analysis Report
    • Intelligent Analysis Report and Chart
    • Real time checking of duplicate employees data (blacklist)
  • Internet Leave application module
  • Internet Claims application module
  • Manage own Leave and Claims Application
  • User definable approval process Workflow
  • Allow employees to view on company policy, rules and regulations
  • Allow employee to view own leave history and available balance
  • Inform staff of approval/payment status electronically
  • Employee can view/query their benefits/claims entitlement and total utilization to-date through their own workstation
  • Ability to allow employees to print pay slip, EA, etc.
  • Allow employees to initiate changes on their personal details:
    • Personal particulars
    • Family particular
    • Contact no.
    • Statutory membership no.
    • Marital status changes
    • Others
  • Allow manager to view their subordinates personal detail, Salary Information, work records, leave balances and etc.

Dynamic E-Payroll

  • Fully Web Base Application
  • Unlimited Organization Creation
  • Multi Company Databases Creation
  • Multiple Currency
  • Multi Concurrent User Access
  • Support Unlimited Employees Master Files Creation
  • Unlimited Salary Pay Group for multiple payroll processing periods
  • No Month-End & Year End Closing
  • Event Base Career Progression Creation & Recording
  • User Definable Payroll Process Date
  • Complete Management Report
  • Complete Government Reports
  • Web Enable Report Generator
  • Crystal Report Format & Chart
  • Salary to Bank Submission Format
  • Salary Scale & Salary Payment Group Setting
  • Foreign Currency Module
  • Salary Split Payment Module
  • Salary Arrears Calculation-Multiple Increment Process
  • Service Point Module
  • Personalized E-mail Reminder
  • Activity Tracking Module
  • Information Portal-Real Time Employees Status Monitoring Display
  • Unlimited & User Definable Overtime Formulas
  • Unlimited Allowances & Deductions
  • Unlimited User Definable Non-Pay Rates
  • Unlimited & User Definable Pay Day Rates
  • Unlimited Unit Rate Creation
  • Unlimited & User Definable EPF, SOCSO & PCB Tax Formulas
  • Automatic Prorate Salary for New Joined & Resigned Employee
  • Automatic EPF, SOCSO, Tax, Overtime, Fix Rate, Additional Day Rate Calculation
  • Comprehensive Audit Trial
  • Comprehensive & Dynamic Security Access Control
  • Dynamic Report – Fully Web Reports Generators
  • Dynamic Salary Input Screen
    • Unlimited OT Rate Payment
    • Unlimited Allowances Payment
    • Unlimited Fix Rate Payment
    • Unlimited Additional Day Rates Payment

Imaginix-E Solutions E-Payroll supports every aspect of the payroll calculation cycle. This includes hiring/confirmation/increment/rehiring/internal confirmation or all kind of employee’s progression details. That includes entering/importing/processing attendance data/time sheets and the calculation of payroll for employees with different employment terms. It also includes printed payslips, electronic/email payslips, and different reports, making automatic payments, automatic creation of General Ledger transactions and comprehensive handling of all kind of payment procedures without month end or year end closing using the Internet Technology.

Imaginix-E Solutions payroll can process weekly, fortnightly, monthly, four weekly, and quarterly, half yearly and yearly payrolls. An employee payment frequency can be changed easily. Several payroll runs can also be processed during one period and paid (Split Payment) into different employee bank accounts. The system supports cash, cheque and all Autopay payments includes process salary from multiple currency & conversion into multiple currency payment account.

Contribution to the Environment
Design with Green Technology, completely paperless processing, it’s “Event Tracking” feature in Career Progression Module track all Employees progression details include the salary details event without the hassle to perform month-end closing, backup or restore database. The system provides user the flexibilities to add progression event in advance. View & only print the report at & when it required without at fear that the reports is not tally with the current employee’s movement.

E-Leave Module

Security Access

  • User’s roles, group & account
  • Modules & fields access control
  • Add, edit, delete & View Permission
  • User Access level to Groups & Individual Authority
  • User Organization Access
  • User Company Access
  • Organization
  • Company
  • Group
  • User


  • Employees Profile Set-up
  • Work Flow Group
  • User Work Flow
  • Work Group (Off Day Calendar)
  • Leave Group
  • Leave Type>
  • Time Off Description
  • Leave Entitlement Type
  • Leave Reason


  • Leave Entitlement By Calendar, Anniversary, Join Date
  • Entitlement Type by Per Annum, Per Incident, Life Time
  • Leave Entitlement Prorate Calculation by Career Progression Type
  • Leave Rounding Set-up
  • Set Carry Forward Leave Utilization Period
  • Set Emergency Leave Entitlement Policy
  • Email Alert for Expire Leave
  • Leave Approval by supervisor/manager/director
  • Leave Application by all personals
  • Leave Cancellation by Work Flow
  • Leave Cancellation by supervisor/manager/director
  • Leave Reject by supervisor/manager/director
  • Leave Withdrawn by applicantli>
  • Leave Day Conversion to Leave Type or offset or encash
  • Automatic Assign Leave Day Serial Number
  • Batch Leave Entry
  • Leave Adjustment
  • Force Leave
  • Leave Detail Report
  • Leave Summary Report
  • Leave Inquiry

E-Attendance Management Module

Time Management System

  • Fully Web Based Application
  • Unlimited Organization Creation
  • Unlimited Company Databases Creation
  • Unlimited Employee’s Database Creation
  • Unlimited User Creation
  • Support Unlimited Employees Master Files Creation
  • Unlimited Section Shift Creation
  • Special Shift Code Setting for Long Hours Work, Call Back OT, Convert Lunch Hour to OT, Break Shift Setting
  • Interval Overtime Rate Setting
  • Attendance Capture by Time Zone, Shift Pattern, Duty Roaster, Shift Code & Special Job Code
  • Auto Polling (Real Time Data Upload Engine)
  • Auto Data Processing (Real Time Data Processing Engine)
  • E-mail Alert for Lateness, Early Out, Overtime, Un-complete Attendance swiping, Absentee, Workforce Analysis & etc.
  • User Define Shift / Work Group Working Hours
  • User Define Overtime Set-up / Rounding
  • User Define Lateness Set-up / Rounding
  • Unlimited User Define Conditions Allowances / Incentive.
  • Reports.
    • Daily Attendance Report, Allowance Report, Absenteeism Report, Overtime Report
  • Automatic Integration with E-Leave Module
  • Automatic Integration with Payroll Module

Design with Useful Integrated Information

  • In / Out Time Display
  • Automatic Overtime Calculation
  • Actual, Approve, Apply Overtime Display
  • Link to Overtime Application Module
  • User Define Approve Overtime Hour
  • Days Type with Color Display
  • Lateness & Leave Early Color Indicator
  • Leave Up-date – Link to E-Leave
  • User Definable Day Type (Pay Rate)
  • Monthly Worked Hours Information
  • Special Shift Code Setting
  • User Define Cut-off days with Cross Month Display
  • Unlimited Card Swiping Record Display

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